Tips & Tricks

After my first 80 hour work-week, I realized very quickly the importance of efficiency and time. Here are some things I recommend doing:

  • Meal prep – if you are going to take the time to make one thing, just make a little extra for a future meal. I will use one ingredient in a bunch of different meals for the week!
  • Roasted veggies and various types of protein can be used in multiple different meal types
    • example: roasted red bell peppers are excellent in a burrito, a power bowl, and on a salad
  • Buy Tupperware, a cutting board, and one solid knife
  • Find your favorite 2-3 spices and get those. My go-to’s are garlic powder, red pepper flakes, and some sort of mixed seasoning (I prefer the 21 seasoning salute from Trader Joe’s because it does not have salt in it)
  • Can openers are your friend – front desks at hotels sometimes have them, but it doesn’t hurt to get your own!
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