Thanksgiving-Themed Charcuterie Board

INGREDIENTS: Cheeses: I try to always have a variety of textures and flavors! For this board, I used sharp white cheddar, an herb crusted goat cheese, and brie. A blue cheese or gouda would have been a great addition! Meats: Sliced turkey (because Thanksgiving!!) , and peppered salami Fruit: Sliced apples. Dried Vegetables: This boardContinue reading “Thanksgiving-Themed Charcuterie Board”

Party Mix- Microwave

INGREDIENTS: 2 cups of Cheerios (make sure you get the non-honey nut kind!!) 1-2 cups of pretzels (either the twists or the sticks) 4-5 cups of Chex cereal (any and all kinds are good!) 1-2 cups of Cheez-its (I love the cheez-its!!) 1 cup of nuts Seasoning: 1/2 cup of unsalted butter melted 2 tablespoonsContinue reading “Party Mix- Microwave”

Green Bean Casserole- Microwave

INGREDIENTS: Green beans – 1 bag of steam-able green beans or 2 cans of green beans French style onions – 1-2 cups 1 can of cream of mushroom soup 1 cup of cheese (I used a mix of cheddar and Italian blend!) DIRECTIONS: Green beans Fresh green beans: If you are using fresh green beansContinue reading “Green Bean Casserole- Microwave”