Charcuterie Board

    • Cheeses: The key is to get a good variety of flavors, so I try to get at least two of both hard and soft cheeses. Below are my favorites!
      • Hard cheese options: Manchego, Jarlsberg, Gouda, Cheddar
      • Soft cheese options: Brie, Boursin, blue cheese, goat cheese
    • Meats:
      • Salami – I like the peppered kind the best
      • Prosciutto
    • Fruit:
      • Grapes
      • Sliced apples
      • Berries (raspberries and strawberries are my go-to’s)
      • Dried fruit
    • Vegetables:
      • Sliced cucumbers (I use these instead of crackers and with hummus/dips!)
      • Sliced bell peppers
    • Crackers: Variety pack of crackers never fails. You can also get pretzel chips or a baguette as well!
    • Sauces/Extras: You can put mustards, jams/preserves, nuts, pickles, olives etc on your board (I didn’t on this board because I was in my hotel room and didn’t want to get more supplies!)
    • Dips: Hummus, spinach artichoke dip
    • Sides: Optional but I usually have a salad (in the photo above I made a avocado balsamic salad and a buffalo chicken ranch salad). I have also made boards with pasta, and of course, wine!
    1. This is a pretty simple one. Put your supplies on a board, slice your cheeses and meats, arrange, take a picture, and eat!
  • TIPS: Get what you like, but don’t be afraid to mix and match. The idea behind a charcuterie board is to get a bit of everything, and combine the sweet and savory! Also, separating out the slices of meat and layering on the board makes it easier and quicker to eat once you have everything ready to go!
  • Pros: Who doesn’t love cheese, wine, and a good charcuterie board. I love mixing vegetables and fruits in to make this protein-and-dairy-heavy meal more balanced. Because a charcuterie board has a lot of different elements, you can use whatever is left over for snacks and in other meals during the week. I use my left-over meat and cheese in salads!
  • Cons: Charcuterie boards can get pricey. One way around this is to make charcuterie boards with friends to share the expense and experience! Also, cured meats (like prosciutto, salami and ham) are not the healthiest protein options, and typically should be reduced in your diet, so charcuterie boards should be an every-once-and-awhile thing, not an everyday thing!
I couldn’t resist adding another one of my favorite charcuteries to this page. The spread on this one includes spinach and artichoke dip, prosciutto, peppered salami, brie, boursin, gouda, and Irish cheddar!

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