Chicken & Vegetable Ramen Stir Fry

    • 1 package of instant ramen – throw away the seasoning packet!
    • 1 bag of frozen or steamable vegetables
    • 1 cup of rotisserie chicken shredded (I eyeballed it)
    • Teriyaki sauce
    • OPTIONAL: edamame
    1. Boil water in the microwave (I usually try 2-3 minutes and go from there)
    2. Put your instant ramen in the water, and cover with a plate for 3 minutes
    3. While your ramen is cooking, warm up your veggies according to package instructions
    4. Drain the water from the ramen
    5. Combine your veggies, ramen, and chicken and then add teriyaki sauce.
    6. Microwave for 30 seconds to warm everything up, and enjoy!
  • TIPS: If you want to make this on the stovetop you definitely can! Just make the ramen like instructed above, and put your chicken and veggies in a skillet! Also, you can double the recipe if you want to make this into a meal prep!
  • Pros: Cheap. Simple. Easy. By getting rid of the sauce packet in the ramen, you are lowering your sodium. Plus you get a great serving of vegetables and protein! I always have more veggies than protein, but make it the way you like it! I have also thrown fresh veggies in here!
  • Cons: Teriyaki sauce has a relatively high sugar and sodium content in it, but check the label before buying and opt for a low sodium and low sugar option.
  • Sources: I saw this recipe on a “easy 30 minute” website (thanks Chelsea’s Messy Apron for the Inspo), and adapted it for our *limited* resources and time!

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