Breakfast Burritos

    • 2-3 Eggs
    • Fajita veggies – I get the frozen blend with red and green peppers and onions
    • Potatoes- I used leftover roasted sweet potatoes, but have also used frozen potatoes!
    • Shredded cheese – mexican blend or cheddar
    • 1/2 Avocado – sliced
    • 1 Large tortilla
    • OPTIONAL: black beans, corn, ground sausage, bacon, chorizo
    1. Warm up your veggies according to package instructions (either on the stove top or microwave)
    2. Scramble your eggs (I add a dash of water or almond milk to mine to make them fluffy!). Season with salt and pepper.
    3. While your eggs are cooking, you can slice your avocado if you haven’t already, and warm up your tortilla in a pan or microwave.
    4. Assemble your burrito! Add your veggies, potatoes, egg, avocado, and cheese to your tortilla and roll it up! I didn’t put amounts in the ingredient list because you can add as little or as much of an ingredient as you like!
    5. OPTIONAL: if you are feeling fancy, you can put your burrito back in the pan and toast both sides for extra crunch!
    6. Top with salsa!
  • TIPS: Make sure you get large tortillas otherwise you will not be able to close your burrito. If you only have small ones, you can use 1 egg! A trick to finding ripe avocados is to press on it. If you can press on it and make an indent into it, then it is most likely ready to go. Also, if you remove the end of the avocado where the stem was, and the color is green, your avocado is ready to eat!
  • Pros: This is an awesome meal to meal prep! I make 4 of these at a time, and stick them in the fridge or freezer for meals during the week. To store, wrap in parchment paper. These burritos are full of protein, fiber, and healthy fats, and you can easily adapt this stovetop meal to a microwave meal if you don’t have a stove top!
  • Cons: Like all food, you have the threat of making these super unhealthy. If you add bacon, sausage, or chorizo to this, you are adding a bunch of red meat and unhealthy (but delicious) fats. My recommendation is if you really want to add protein to this, add it to half of your meal prep and make the other ones veggie only!

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