Mexican Sweet Potatoes

    1. Poke a bunch of holes in the potatoes; put on a plate and microwave for 4-5 minutes on each side. If they are soft, you can take them out!
    2. Drain the corn and beans, rinse with water if possible.
    3. Microwave the corn and beans for 1 minute to warm them up.
    4. Cut the potatoes in half, then scoop out the inside.
    5. Combine the inside of the potatoes with the beans, corn, chilis, taco seasoning, a few scoops of salsa, chicken, and as much shredded cheese as you like. If you don’t use all the beans and corn, you can use them for burritos or taco salads later in the week!
    6. Put the mixture back inside the shells, top with cheese. Microwave until the cheese is melted.
    7. Top whatever toppings you like- cilantro, salsa, avocado, sour cream.
  • TIPS: Rinsing the beans and corn can cut the amount of sodium in half.
  • Pros: This meal is quick, easy, and cheap. It is packed with fiber and nutrients. You can eat it as a solo meal or put it on top of a salad. This is a very durable meal, and great for meal prep for the week. You can also throw an egg on top for breakfast.
  • Cons: The cooking times of your sweet potatoes varies depending on the size so you have to make sure to monitor the softness of your potatoes. I love these so it is difficult to find a downside to them.

Adapted from BroccYourBody

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