Shredded Chicken

    • 1 Chicken breast
    • Water
    • Seasoning of your choosing- I used garlic pepper
    1. Place chicken in a microwave safe dish
    2. Fill the dish with enough water so that about 1/3 -1/2 of the chicken is covered in water
    3. Season the chicken
    4. Cover the dish with plastic wrap
    5. Cook for 4-5 minutes, let sit for 1 minute. If you have a meat thermometer, check the internal temperature – if it is 165F you are good to go.
    6. If you don’t have a thermometer, shred the chicken. If it is not white throughout, place the chicken back in the bowl with the liquid and microwave for an additional 1-2 minutes until the chicken is white throughout. You do not want pink chicken. Also, if you shred and have to cook more, add more seasoning!
  • TIPS: If your chicken breast is super thick, try making it thinner by pounding it or cutting in half before cooking. If you are cooking multiple chicken breasts, increase your cook time for each additional chicken breast.
  • Pros: If you cannot find a rotisserie chicken at the store, this is a cheap and easy way to get shredded chicken to add to just about any meal. Also, you control the amount sodium and other spices.
  • Cons: You need a larger, flat dish and plastic wrap for this.

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