Lentil and Hummus Naan Flatbread

INGREDIENTS: Naan Bread (I used whole wheat store bought!) Hummus – my favorite is supremely spicy but you can use any type! Mixed lentils and chickpea blend- You can buy these in the frozen section or make your own Salt, pepper, seasoning of your choice OPTIONAL ADDITIONS: goat cheese, avocado, balsamic glaze, olive oil, hotContinue reading “Lentil and Hummus Naan Flatbread”

Asian Chicken Salad

INGREDIENTS: 1 can of mandarin oranges- I get the one that is “light syrup” Shredded rotisserie chicken- I use about a handful for the salad 1 bag of ramen instant noodles – uncooked & seasoning packet thrown away 1 bag of “Asian style chopped salad” or if you can’t find that, anything with cabbage, carrots,Continue reading “Asian Chicken Salad”