Teriyaki Quinoa Bowl

INGREDIENTS: Quinoa (or rice) Frozen stir fry vegetable blend Protein – I used extra firm tofu, so that is what the directions are for, but I have also used rotisserie chicken as well! Teriyaki sauce (I like to get the spicy kind) Optional additions: avocado, onions, mushrooms, bell peppers, baby corn (they come in cans),Continue reading “Teriyaki Quinoa Bowl”

Ramen- but make it “healthy”

INGREDIENTS: Instant Ramen of your choosing Frozen potstickers Spinach Steamed broccoli/cauliflower Mushrooms Protein options: rotisserie chicken, tofu DIRECTIONS Steam your veggies, and potstickers Warm up your ramen according to package Add veggies, potstickers, and protein- stir and enjoy! TIP: At home, I will add an over-easy egg and extra hot sauce! Pros: This is cheap,Continue reading “Ramen- but make it “healthy””

Berry Spinach Salad

INGREDIENTS: Spinach Kale Raspberries Cucumber Roasted Brussels sprouts/other roasted veggies Rotisserie chicken (shredded) Avocado Feta Balsamic Vinaigrette or Poppy seed dressing (this dressing is amazing with this salad!) DIRECTIONS Slice avocado, cucumber, and veggies Construct your salad- equal halves of spinach and kale, followed by all the toppings! Put dressing on top TIP: I madeContinue reading “Berry Spinach Salad”

Burritos/Burrito Bowls

INGREDIENTS: Lettuce Microwaveable rice Black beans Corn Peppers Jalapeños Avocado Shredded cheese (I used a Mexican Blend) Salsa Protein options: rotisserie chicken, pre-cooked frozen shrimp, tofu, or you could make a veggie-only burrito (that is what I did here!) If making into a burrito, you will also need tortillas DIRECTIONS: Cut your peppers, jalapeño orContinue reading “Burritos/Burrito Bowls”

Power Bowls

INGREDIENTS: Frozen quinoa blend Frozen sweet potato chunks Black beans Avocado Whatever veggies you want to use (steamed broccoli, cauliflower, zucchini, squash – whatever you want!) Spinach/Kale I use crumbled cheese variety in this (blue cheese, gorgonzola, feta, goat cheese, but you can use whatever you want!) Hummus Protein options: rotisserie chicken, pre-cooked frozen shrimp,Continue reading “Power Bowls”